Hello world!

Hi bloggers,

I have been always fascinated by the power of word, and its impact on the life of others. Decades ago we had limited channels to get the messages through, and mostly any message was filtered and squeezed by media owners or big influencer brothers.

Today, a new wave of interactive communication platform is available, the media becomes less dominated by big players, whereby any citizen of the world has a voice and he/she is considered an active partner in the media scene.

Don’t you agree with me that we are a lucky generation, as we examined the progress of print media, the importance of radio and TV, the internet, the mobile technolog, and today the big jump to the open space of new media age? More liberal thoughts will be generated and shared in a global environment.

In fact, I created this blog to write about my observation about the media evolution, my experience, and to empathize on the concern of my region on how we can enrich the experience of new media.

I will be more than glad to receive your feedback or comment directly or via email: nblrzk@yahoo.com

N.B. Blogs are mine and they are not reflecting my employer opinion.

Nabil Rizk
Multilingual Communications Professional


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