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Being lucky or wise

If you have the choice to be lucky or to be wise, what do you prefer?

Sometimes you feel that you are lucky but not wise. A good example, maybe you are lucky in your work and personal life, but you are not wise in your friends.

How do you feel in this case and how to resolve it to be lucky and wise?

What is most important to you if you are asked to select one subject? Being wise or being happy?

Did you wonder why you are thinking inside the box to select being wise or being lucky?

Why don’t you look outside the box to select being happy, only happy!?







The power of word

Through ages, the word has an intense power. We use word or words to change, to express, to apologize, to learn, to love, to work, to commit, to withdraw, to pay; we use it for everything in our life Word has a real value. So word is the power of life and gives a meaning to our existense regardless of the channel and the medium we use.

Be careful, what kind of words are you using as it reflects who you are.. and enjoy the power of word…


New idea offers new path in life.
Open your heart for good to keep the blessings.
Try hard to earn your success.
Habit kills creativity .. avoid routine!
In life, there is no place for impossible.
Neglect the unnecessary and focus on your life objectives.
Get ready to turn negative into positive.


Tireless sunset ... an everyday exercise..

Bird Migration

No one is able to stop the bird migration, when birds began their migration journey every year … Birds are always attracted by the nostalgia to their place of birth and place of breed … this is the love of their life … I was always fascinated on how the world of birds outline their migration hardship with joy and life inspiration … My bird can fly anytime, the sky is its limit … After long travel and migration, my bird will return to the nest it likes … My bird doesn’t need any excuse to fly away, it is nature that gives my bird this right … but can fly to the place of ifs roots … nobody can stop my bird until it finds peace, love, and tranquillity … Sometimes my bird is confused and it doesn’t know how much tender and love it holds in its heart; but its eyes and lips and body temperature can tell … moreover, my bird’s silence can tell also how much it is in love and excited … My bird fly high and away and heading to the place where it was born as an egg, hatched and born as a bird, the place where it experienced the warmth of family, the care of community, the place where it learned the first time to fly .. high to the sky, the place where my bird searched for food, for water and for life partner… My bird has always nostalgia to its first land of birth as it is the first nest for life and it is eternal nest … as we the human do … my bird and I like everybody we share the value of life and love …

Hello world!

Hi bloggers,

I have been always fascinated by the power of word, and its impact on the life of others. Decades ago we had limited channels to get the messages through, and mostly any message was filtered and squeezed by media owners or big influencer brothers.

Today, a new wave of interactive communication platform is available, the media becomes less dominated by big players, whereby any citizen of the world has a voice and he/she is considered an active partner in the media scene.

Don’t you agree with me that we are a lucky generation, as we examined the progress of print media, the importance of radio and TV, the internet, the mobile technolog, and today the big jump to the open space of new media age? More liberal thoughts will be generated and shared in a global environment.

In fact, I created this blog to write about my observation about the media evolution, my experience, and to empathize on the concern of my region on how we can enrich the experience of new media.

I will be more than glad to receive your feedback or comment directly or via email: nblrzk@yahoo.com

N.B. Blogs are mine and they are not reflecting my employer opinion.

Nabil Rizk
Multilingual Communications Professional